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Hey there! My name is Miranda Dube.
I'm a Jesus loving, adventure craving, espresso addict from Buffalo NY and I am passionate about ending human trafficking (modern day slavery). There are more slaves today than EVER in history. This is not okay! Our generation has a responsibility to BE THE CHANGE! So instead of waiting until I was "older" or "more qualified" I decided to do what I can with what I have right now to help make a difference and BOOM...DubesJewelry started. I make handmade jewelry and donate 100% of the proceeds from each sale to FIGHT Ministries, a team in the Dominican Republic who currently rescues and restores women from sex-trafficking. Each purchase helps rescue + restore women from slavery. We are building relationships, restoring lives, and reminding EVERYONE that they are worth fighting for!



Fight Ministries is 3 ordinary people who God is using to do extraordinary things. Luke, Naomi, and Phyllis moved from Florida to the Dominican Republic to start their own anti human-trafficking organization. In just 2 years they have built a huge camp where the rescued girls will be living. This area includes 2 safe houses, a gym, an irrigation field where the girls will grow their own food, a garden...and they're not done yet! Everything they do and build is fully funded from donors like you and me. Click the link below to read more about them and see pictures of FIGHT Ministries!